Moschino Barbie Is So Fierce


It’s been three weeks since the new Barbie commercial aired and people are still talking about it….mainly for the little boy in it.

For the first time ever – 56 years to be exact – , a Barbie commercial features a boy. So let’s raise our glasses to that! Finally we see the breakage of  those gender roles in the media. It’s 2015, boys don’t only play with Tonka and girls aren’t the only one with a Barbie. But that’s not what the hubbub is all about.

Moschino Barbie features a boy in the ad, and portrays him to be a ‘stereotypical’ gay. With a phrase like “Moschino Barbie is so fierce”, and the over exaggerated emphasis on the word ‘so’, to make it sound like sooooo, the LGBT community is up in arms. And for good reason too! Why must companies tailor themselves like that? Not every gay man sounds or acts like the boy in this ad, so why must we be portrayed that way constantly in the media or in shows/movies? It is negatively affecting us.

I like the fact that they featured the kid, its a breakthrough, but why must they make him to be a stereotype?

But here’s the thing, the commercial won’t be featured on TV…only on YouTube…and only on the clothing line Moschino. It was the brain-child of Moschino line creator Jeremy Scott.

What do you think of the ad? What do you think of the boy?


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