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Last week a British woman named Helena Martins was attacked a block away from her London home. All because she was wearing a tie.

Martins identifies as a lesbian, and in the Buzzfeed article, she mentions on her Facebook post that she felt uncomfortable even doing up her own wife’s tie.

Since then, a hashtag and social media movement began, #TieForHelena.
It has garnered 13.6k tweets alone, and numerous Facebook posts and Instagram photos of men and women wearing ties in support of Martins.

Since all the online support, Martins is using the money that is raised today (December 15, 2015) raised to go back to StonewallUK, an organization for the LGBTQ community in the UK. Here’s her donation page if you wish to give what you can.

Many women wear ties; banktellers, CEOs, flight attendants, and even my elementary teacher did too. So why can’t she wear a tie too?

Since when does your clothing preferences allow for abuse to happen? Wear what you like, whether that is a tie, power suits, onesies, tracksuits or your PJs. You do you and let others know that nothing can change how you express yourself.

Today, December 15 2015, post a photo of yourself and use the hashtag #TieForHelena and take a stand.

I stand with you Helena,

Continue being you! You rock


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