Today is January 25, 2017.
It’s also #BellLetsTalk day. A day where Canada’s largest company (Tv, Internet, Phone) gives back to the country’s mental health facilities.

If you use the hashtag #BellLetsTalk, the company donates 5 cents for every use. So go update your Facebook page, Tweet it out, post an image on Instagram with the hashtag in the description, and use the geo filter on Snapchat. And, if your cell phone is with Bell, every text and call gets a 5 cent donation as well.

But what happens after today? Do we all just go back to our regular lives? Do we forget that Jon just told us that he’s depressed? Do we forget that Tina is suffering from PTSD? What about Marc who has OCD? Or Sandra who is bipolar? Or your neighbour who told you that they’ve been struggling this past month over your regular afternoon tea?

I certainly hope not. We should be talking about this every day until we no longer have to.
So check back in with your friends and ask them how they are doing, and keep up the talk. Just because we all did that today, doesn’t mean we have to instantly stop.

The next time someone asks “how are you”, instead of saying “fine” or “good”, just be honest. Tell them “I’ve been struggling and I feel that I need help”. Sometimes people just need someone to talk to. Sometimes people may need more than just an ear, and there are outlets in Canada for that. We might not have every outlet, but what we got is way better than last year, way better than ten years ago, and certainly better than when our parents were kids.

If that friend or neighbour or coworker can only be there to listen, awesome! Ask them too.

When I was dealing with the realization that I was gay, I had a really hard time processing it. I became so stressed, and I had a lot of anxiety. Keeping those feelings in and not telling anyone was incredibly tough.I wanted to tell someone, but i was so terrified of possible backlashes that I kept it in. Keeping those in only harmed me. The lies, the way I kept trying to make myself like someone I was “meant” to like, the way I kept crying myself to sleep most nights…it took a toll. I got so stressed out and anxiety ridden that I got depressed and couldn’t get out of it for a long period.

I even had a few months of depression last year, too.

So many LGBT youth are feeling the same way as I did 6 years ago and we can’t have that. We can’t have that feeling of helplessness for ANYONE. It doesn’t matter if you’re 12, 27, 57 or 97. No one should feel like they can’t be themselves, so let’s all keep up the talk from here on out.

Below, I’ll post a few helpful links if you need more than just a friendly ear.

I’m here to be a soundboard with a warm hug. xoxo
Love and Hugs to all.











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