Pink Shirt Day, 2017.



A day where we all come together and stand up against bullying. Bullying sucks, it shouldn’t be a part of our lives. Let’s erase bullying, once and for all.

There are some fun ways to help end bullying online:

  • By using the hashtag #PinkShirtPromise, Shaw will donate 1$ to bullying prevention programs in Canada.
  • By using the Pink Shirt Day Geofilter on Snapchat, Shaw will donate to bullying prevention programs in Canada.
  • Posting photo’s of yourself, your friends, family, or your coworkers in awesome pink shirts and using the hashtag #PinkShirtDay on Instagram

But we need to do more than that to really make a statement. If you see, hear or you were told that someone was being mean to someone else, tell them that what they are doing isn’t okay and get them to understand it.

Make sure they are okay and help that person out by either listening to them, helping them out of their situation or by telling an adult or person of authority.

With most of our lives being online, there is a shift in change with cyberbullying. Simply put, its bullying behind a screen and a false name, i.e. JaneDoe0001xo. So many people are affected by online bullying, which is so not okay! And because it’s online, it can be coming from anywhere in the world, not just from your city. Whether it be in the comment section of a YouTube video, or a reply to your recent tweet, people feel the need to bring others down and it has become so much easier with a keyboard and a false name. I’ll prove some links below where you can get help and tips on cyber bullying prevention and some links if you need someone to talk to if you feel you can’t talk to loved ones.

LGBT youth face more bullying than their straight peers at school, simply because they are either gay, lesbian or transgendered. In a GLSEN 2016 report done at American schools, 9 out 10 students faced bullying. 74% due to their sexual orientation. Someone’s sexual orientation is not a choice, or a decision. It’s the way we are. It’s the way you are. You can’t randomly decide one day to be gay or straight. It’s the way we are. Bullying someone because of who they are, who they are attracted to, who they love is not okay. It’s NEVER ok.

So I hope that we can all get together and share the hashtag online, share our stories with each other whether its on a blog, or in person with family and friends, and let’s help each other out and stop putting each other down. It’s 2017, we should all get along.

My #PinkShirtPromise is to always help and to be a buddy.




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