I support Transgendered kids. I support Transgendered adults too!

What the Trump administration is doing is wrong on so many levels.

If a kid who identifies as a girl or boy needs to use a bathroom, he or she should be able to use the bathroom and feel safe and welcome. If a kid who identifies as a girl uses the girls bathroom, she should be allowed to enter and use the facilities without any problems, questions or harassment. The same goes for the boys.

They shouldn’t have to worry about if someone is looking or if someone is going to tell or beat them up or now could get in serious issues with law. What someone does in a bathroom is NO ONE’S business.

How does a Transgendered student using a bathroom “jeopardize the privacy of other students and some have even questioned the authenticity of transgender students’ gender identities.” Tell me exactly how that happens? You can’t question people’s identities.

Protect Trans Kids and reinstate the laws that were put in place last year!! ❤️💛💚💙💜



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