Agostino Leone

Agostino Leone posing for the camera.
Agostino Leone posing for the camera.

Up & Coming Artist

By Erin Cassidy

Agostino Leone is getting back into music. Leone, 21, of Toronto, is setting his heart back to where he belongs.
Idolizing Celine Dion, Andrea Bocelli, and Frank Sinatra, it was clear Leone wanted to do something musical with his life. Falling in love with The Phantom Of The Opera and Wicked, he began to adore musicals.

When it came time for university, he had had his heart set on musical theatre at Sheridan University. He applied and auditioned, and would’ve been able to go. Unfortunately, musical theatre ended up being put off.

Always singing and envisioning himself on a Broadway stage, he had his first Cabaret show in May 2013 – Ago’s Pop Cabaret. He put together the show himself and held it at Buddies In Bad Times Theatre, a local gay theatre venue. Tickets went fast and it was sold out. With adoring family, friends, his boyfriend and a few fans in the audience, his first show was a success.

With standing ovations, a smoke machine with a mind of its own and a duet with an audience member, it proved to be something he could do again. And, as soon as it was done, people were asking him when his next show would be. Clearly they knew he could do this.

Currently, he is enrolled with Ryerson University in the RTA program where he co-hosts his own radio talk show. He has begun to dream of having his own talk show and has plans of what it might look like. He aims to be an on-air personality, amongst the likes of Stroumboulopoulos or Dennis. He said, “Picture this,” Leone said wile smiling that big smile. “The Agostino Leone Show.”

With that said, he is still wanting to pursue his music.

Leone has his own YouTube channel where he posts covers of some of his favourite songs. Most recently was a Shoshanna Bean cover of her hit “Home”.


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