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Today is Spirit Day.
What is Spirit Day you ask?

Canadian teenager, Brittany McMillan, to remember those who lost their lives by suicide and taking a stand against bullying, created Spirit Day in 2010.

In support of the LGBT community, GLAAD has promoted Spirit Day annually.

Spirit Day has been reaching more people each year. Currently in its third year, Spirit Day has been receiving more support.

So what can you do to help support Spirit Day?

You can turn your Facebook profile photo purple. Change your Twitter photo purple too! Wear purple and Instagram it with the hashtag, #SpiritDay and get family and friends to do the same!

Get your school to join in on Spirit Day too! And for those out of school, get your office to wear purple.

You can download the Spirit Day app as well in the app store.

Spread the word! Stand up against bullying!

For more information, visit www.glaad.com



A look into Toronto’s upcoming World Pride celebration

By: Erin Cassidy

Toronto will be hosting World Pride this coming June, so expect an influx of fabulous.

Having just come from London England in 2012, World Pride is making its stop here in Toronto for 2014.

This is the first time it has come to North America as well. There are some things Toronto Pride organizers are transferring over for Junes’ festival that has worked in the past.

Sean Hillier, Co-Chair of Pride Toronto, said they are taking on one legacy that was created for London World Pride, which was given to US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.

“The only legacy that we are taking on, that started from London, is that we are awarding (the) World Pride Award,” Hillier said. “It will go to someone who has demonstrated a life long achievement in progressing the cause of the LGBT community.”

Toronto put in a bid to host World Pride back in 2009 – Toronto beat out Stockholm in two rounds of voting.

“Planning for this event, it will be 4 years in total. Its just this needed time to prepare,” Hillier said.

If you have been to previous Pride Parades in Toronto, you’re in for a treat in June. It will have the Trans march, the Dyke march and the Pride Parade along with the street festival and stages, but it will be even larger.

“You’d see an international component, and a more international focus, so our stages would have more international artists,” Hillier said.

With opening and closing ceremonies, a partnership with Toronto Jazz Festival and other arts groups, as well as a proposed parade route change, World Pride will be something you will not want to miss.

“We are also looking to bring the festival throughout the city of Toronto, so there will be lots of pop-up events out in Scarborough, out in Etobicoke as well as North York,” Hillier said. “So we can really engage the LGBT community outside what is the downtown core.”

For more information, you can go to www.pridetoronto.com for all things World Pride.



World Aids Day, first organized in 1988, is a day to remember, reflect and help prevent HIV and Aids.

Honouring 25 years, World Aids Day is still an important day.

This day supports those 35.3 million people living with HIV, and remembering the 36 million people who have passed away from HIV.

There sadly isn’t a cure but there is a few things you can do.

  • Know your status and get it checked
  • Wear the ribbon
  • Raise awareness

For more information http://www.catie.ca/en/world-aids-day#abriefhistory


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