Today COVERGIRL just announced their first ever male spokesperson, James Charles. You may recognize him from his Youtube channel, or from browsing on Instagram. Or from the news when his graduation photo got picked up because of how fabulous he looked in it. I think this is pretty awesome news from COVERGIRL. Charles becoming the … More COVERBOY


Thank you to all the allies out there who are showing support, love and kindness. Thank you to those who show a gay kid love, to those who support a transgendered friend through a tough time, to help a girl who just discovered her sexuality. Thank you to those in the community who are helping … More IDAHOT2016


Last week a British woman named Helena Martins was attacked a block away from her London home. All because she was wearing a tie. Martins identifies as a lesbian, and in the Buzzfeed article, she mentions on her Facebook post that she felt uncomfortable even doing up her own wife’s tie. Since then, a hashtag and … More #TieForHelena

Caitlyn Jenner

She let the world into her life with the Diane Sawyer interview in April, and now with this cover shot for Vanity Fair, the world is introduced to Caitlyn Jenner. We welcome you with open arms and we can’t wait for more brilliance from you in the future. Your bravery, your actions and your life … More Caitlyn Jenner